Pro Wrestling Training Center
(559) 321-PWTC

Pro Wrestling Training Center is locationed in Fresno, and is one of the premier professional wrestling training schools in the United States.  The head coach of the training center is NWA and WCW legend the “Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez, who for many years has had a part in training some of the biggest wrestling superstars of our time.

Pro Wrestling Training Center teaches everything one needs in order to become a talented professional wrestler, referee, manager or valet.  Our well-rounded graduates have learned such aspects as wrestling holds and maneuvers, interviewing in front of the camera, and wrestling psychology.

The training to be a professional wrestler is not easy.  In order to become a graduate of the Pro Wrestling Training Center, one’s mind and body need to be in peak condition.  For some graduates it has paid off big in the end, as they have received contracts with major professional wrestling organizations.